Steel service says it all.

In other words: We are at the disposal of our customers with all of our facilities and know-how throughout all phases of shortlisting and selecting, procurement, intermediate storage and delivery of flat steel products. This involves negotiating with our established West European manufacturers, strategically selecting the product range, organising the processing and putting together your order and – last but not least – taking care of the entire logistics. We provide advice when choosing the best material, present alternatives, and support you if special requirements are involved. At SSW Stahl-Service Westhoff, you are in good hands when flat steel is on your mind – because we don’t have the word Service as a part of our name for nothing.


Perhaps you are not certain what material best meets your needs? Or you need advice on the layout of your production process? We will be delighted to use our extensive experience and our in-depth know-how in the flat steel market to support you.


Whether you collect your consignment yourself or commission us to organise the entire logistics on your behalf depends solely on what you want. Steel service means we can take care of everything.


Keeping stocks at SSW allows you to save unnecessary costs and guarantees the products you need are always available for delivery. By concentrating the needs of numerous steel processing companies, we can purchase on favourable terms and supply our customers with exactly the quantity and quality they require at any specific time.


A foil (self-adhesive 80 µm or heat-laminated 100 µm) is applied to protect the surface of many of our coil-coated materials. This protective foil helps to prevent mechanical damage during processing, transport and final assembly; however, it is not envisaged as a protection against the effects of the environment. Material with a protective foil must be stored in a dry place at all times and must not be exposed to direct sunlight. The protective foil is to be removed immediately after assembly.


When storing coil-coated material, it is necessary to ensure permanently sufficient ventilation and avoid excessive temperature fluctuations at all times. Where possible, store packages at an angle to allow any flowing water to run off. That applies particularly to uncoated material with a finished surface; otherwise, white rust can form quickly on hot-dip galvanised material or a dark tarnish can form on the surface of Aluzinc products.


Always keep the material dry when transporting. A lorry with a tarpaulin (never use an open transport vehicle) will protect the material from getting wet and ensure sufficient and constant ventilation. If moisture ingresses, however, ventilate the material immediately to allow it to dry and process it as quickly as possible.