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As a steel service centre, we purchase flat steel products (coils, slit strips, sheets and cut-to-size sheets) in advance on behalf of our customers according to market-oriented considerations. Consequently, the processing industry, OEMs and the construction trade can profit from our supplier relations and favourable procurement conditions. It is our aim to supply all the important properties, e.g. colour reproduction, in consistent quality in the long term. We protect a large part of our painted sheets, coils and slit strips with a heat-laminated foil (minimum thickness approx. 100 µ) to guarantee greater durability and improved UV resistance as well as to protect the material from scratches or damage during transport and further processing.

As an organisation certified to DIN ISO 9001:2015, we assure these properties by always purchasing from the same established manufacturers in western Europe. Quality and availability are the pillars supporting our service philosophy which we would define with one word – reliability.


Steel is an extremely versatile material used in a large number of industries. From the construction industry to office furniture production, steel plays an essential role in all fields of industry. However, the various fabricators use prefabricated flat steel products rather than steel straight from the steel works. 

This is where we come in: We deliver coils, slit strips, sheets as well as sheets cut-to-size whose dimensions and coating meet precisely the requirements of the respective branch. All of our products fulfil the highest quality requirements and cover a broad range of applications; furthermore, if the right product is not available at any time, we will develop new solutions together with you. 


No matter if it’s Traffic white or Jet black, Carmine red or Cobalt blue, Mint green or Saffron yellow: You name the colour, we will deliver. The range of colours we offer far exceeds those typical standard colours and a small selection of metallic surfaces. 

We have flat steel products in more than 140 popular RAL colour shades in stock, so that we are able to fulfil customer requirements quickly and without any complications. At the same time, our range of colours not only covers the different standards of different branches, it also accommodates the trend towards individualisation. 

There is a very good reason why we at SSW say: Anything but colourless!


If a company wishes to survive in the market in the long term, staying innovative is an absolute must. That can be done by developing products never seen before or optimising existing manufacturing processes. 

Are you considering making changes as well and need some expert advice? We will gladly take the time to be at your side with our expert technical know-how. Our experts will support you when selecting the products you need, in optimising your production processes, and they will look for ways to save you costs together with you. We will gladly make sample materials available from our extensive product portfolio for test runs and pre-series productions. 

All you have to do is talk to us.


On time, reliable and complete – that is what a delivery should be like. We permanently keep customary ranges and most frequently used materials in stock to ensure we are able to fulfil this requirement at all times. Knowing that they can draw the desired amount in the customary quality at any time offers our customers the option of reducing their own storage capacity. 

We maintain the storage conditions according to the needs of steel products. As a result, our coils, slit strips, sheets and cut-to-size sheets are not subject to unnecessary stress loads while in storage.


We are proud of the fact that we constantly deliver high quality – something that applies to all production features, in particular the production quality. Since our products are destined for further processing, they must fit into customer processes without friction. We work with state-of-the-art machines that make it possible to guarantee the tightest tolerances when putting together your orders. 

That is how we guarantee maximum precision for all of our products: Sheets can be produced beginning at a gauge of 0.25 mm, each sheet exactly the same as all the others, for instance. The cut edges of the slit strips also fulfil the highest demands with regard to precision, and the coils produced by us are according to a specified weight.


Our flat steel products are finished in a very efficient coil coating process. The end of this process sees composite materials made available consisting of a metallic, hot-dip galvanised substrate covered with an organic coating.

By determining the type of coating and mechanical characteristics prior to the coil coating process, it is possible to precisely control the technical surface quality according to the application envisaged for the substrate. That in turn makes it possible to create performance profiles that are in perfect harmony with the requirements of a given branch or application.


SSW Stahl-Service Westhoff GmbH was established by Werner Westhoff in February 1991. Our company headquarters were located in Arnsberg-Herdringen for 30 years. In 2021 we decided to move to Ense-Höingen to be closer to our new production hall.


Regular inspections by the TÜV technical inspection board warrant that our quality assurance system to DIN ISO 9001:2015 is operative throughout the company. Its effectiveness is certified and the system is verified by annual review audits. As a result, the quality of our products is continuously monitored.


All companies, and in particular those in the steel sector, face huge challenges with enormous responsibilities in today’s world of constantly growing developments and changes to our environment and habitats. Guaranteeing the sustainable development of planet Earth and supporting future growth through environmentally friendly steel production while providing our customers with economic benefits in the face of these challenges is extremely close to our hearts at SSW.


From us, you receive precisely what you need, when you need it and in reliable quality. We combine this service philosophy with our claim of doing business as sustainably as possible.


We procure our steel from a variety of international suppliers who consider quality, sustainability and reliability to be as equally important as we do. Get to know our range of business partners here.