A selection of our qualified suppliers.


The steel company ArcelorMittal was created as a result of the 2007 merger between the Dutch steel manufacturers Mittal Steel Company and the Luxembourg company Arcelor. Today, ArcelorMittal is the biggest steel manufacturing company in the world. It employs some 210,000 employees, operates steel works in more than 20 countries and boasts an annual crude steel production of 97 million tons. The company supplies quality steels for further processing in branches of industry including the automotive branch, mechanical engineering and producers of rails for railways.


Salzgitter AG

Founded in 1998 with headquarters in Germany, Salzgitter AG is divided into more than 100 individual companies that specialise in different fields. We work particularly closely together with Salzgitter Flachstahl. It is the largest steel making subsidiary of the Salzgitter Group, which produces about 4.7 million tons of crude steel as well as 3.5 million tons of rolled steel annually. The modern and sustainability-oriented steel works has twice already received awards for its energy efficiency from the German Energy Agency (dena).


voestalpine AG

voestalpine AG originated in Austria; however, it is now active in more than 50 countries. voestalpine has existed in its present form since 1995. Back then, the company was formed from the steel manufacturing company VÖEST founded in 1946. As a modern steel-based technological and industrial concern, the company supplies customers operating in the automotive, aeronautics, household appliance and construction branches, amongst others. The Steel Division is their core business: This division creates and processes high-quality flat steel products for different customers.


Marcegaglia Group

In 1959, the company known today as the Marcegaglia Group began as a manufacturer of roller shutters and open profiles in Mantua, Northern Italy. Many things have changed since then: Today, the concern boasts more than 60 sales offices in Italy and abroad. It employs 6,500 employees and processes 5.6 million tons of steel at 21 steel plants. The core business of the company is divided into three divisions: Marcegaglia Plates produces heavy plates, Marcegaglia Specialities manufactures stainless steel products and – the most important of the three divisions – Marcegaglia Carbon Steel fabricates flat steel and welded tubes.